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Organic 09 June 2015


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Indoor plants than ornamental value and decorative proposals that offer both public and private interiors, present and practical advantages which substantially improve the quality of our lives.

For example, houseplants reduce the powder flows indoors tying it in their foliage. Alongside the process of evapotranspiration release water vapor increasing atmospheric humidity indoor which is usually dry due to use of air conditioners and kalorifer.Ta plants those in our Mediterranean climate are grown as houseplants are species originating in Asia, Central and South America, Africa and Australia, where spontaneous or grown as outdoor plants. The ornamental value of indoor plants located mostly in the foliage and this is because most of them in our climate are maintained in the vegetative stage of development and do not bloom. Nevertheless there are indoor plants grown for their flowers or bloom once in their lifetime.

Houseplants with impressive flowers
Tipping: It flowers from age 3-5 years. After anthesis destroyed after the base produced 2-4 shoots.

Anthurium: The original flowers with red saber to appear on the plant from mid-spring to early autumn.

Spathiphyllum: The flowers are surrounded by unilateral upright white spathe.

Strelitsia: The flowers with orange and blue petals resemble the birds flying. Blooms at age 4-8 years and the bloom lasts from spring to summer.

Gloxinia: Is long flowering from May until October.

Gouzmania: The striking red flowers appear in the center of the rosette forming the leaves.

Kufa: The red blossoms resemble cigarettes and summer also fall.

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