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Organic 12 June 2015

A micro-garden in a fishbowl!

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How can we transfer the garden into our house? Quite simply, we are making our own terrarium. To terrarium is a transparent container with plants, which are hermetically sealed or having a small opening. To construct a terrarium can use glass jars or jars sweet fish bowls or even large glasses.

Plants are suitable to plant is tropical and subtropical, they need heat, damp atmosphere, have little development and slow growing. When planting one should beware is the plants have the same needs moisture, light and temperature.

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Simple movements to create a terrarium

After selecting the container of your choice, to ensure the maximum transmittance of light, well wash, disinfect and dry the container.

Then we have to find the design that we create in the jar and it depends on the viewing position. That is if viewing from everywhere items are placed in the center and secondary perimeter.
However, if the viewing of only the front part then higher components are placed in the background and the lower front. The concept elements not only corresponds to the plants and in decorative elements such as rocks, gravel runways, etc.

Last, choose the appropriate plants according to the landscape that we want to create either a tropical garden or gardens deserts or woodlands. Some of the plants you can plant the ogress, the begonias, ivy, the Ficus pumila, the Bird, lust, cacti and succulents.

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The steps to follow:

Put in gravel base or thick expanded clay granules. Thereby ensure good drainage of the substrate. Should the thickness reaches 3cm.

Above the layer of gravel will need to put a material from one to allow the passage of water but not the soil. This aims not to cover them in the gaps created by the substrate. The most common materials are stockings (tights).

Followed by placing the soil mixture. The mixture should if it has good drainage and must not contain a large amount of nutrients, not quickly grow plants.

Such a mixture is one part mold, one part of sand and a peat. The soil substrate can be positioned to create a nice miniature landscape, with hills, walkways and anything else you can imagine, using gravel, tree bark, etc.

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Along the way we can place our plants in accordance with the plan we have decided. It is advisable that the plants are placed without breaking the bale. Additionally place and any decorative elements like us like rocks, moss, gravel, tree bark, etc.

Finishing the process of watering and closing the lid or not. Excessive watering can also lead to the destruction of plants. Under no circumstances soaked soil, just watered lightly. As for whether you should close the lid .. it depends on the plant material is in the case of cacti and succulents is not recommended.

The terrarium are a unique construction, suitable for any space, with few requirements. The imagination, dexterity and above all the basic knowledge and passion are the necessary qualifications.

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Last modified on 16 June 2015
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